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 Corey J. Butler

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Maine Couples Choice Award Winning Photographer



My primary passion and service are my no-nonsense documentary photography services, including options for a second shooter, for events and weddings with an unrivaled delivery time.


After all is said and done, I have a relationship with a unique supplier who handcrafts museum grade archival quality albums, prints, and more.

There’s not much point to the pomp of cryptic tiered packages to me. With my flat hourly rate, you’ll get as many processed photos that make the cut. For a wedding? Easily hundreds of moments, all in a digital download in their highest possible quality. You won’t get nickel and dimed by having to buy print release for each individual photo or left with services or products you’re not interested in because you were stuck picking some package.

You want an engagement session or a second shooter? We’ll add it on. You want an album and some prints, we’ll add it on. After planning it turns out you need an extra hour of coverage? We’ll add it on. It’s your call.

My formal training is in photojournalism so I have a very hands-off approach that is light on the equipment. I am, however, very interested and spend a lot of time in post-processing- which does not always go hand in hand with photojournalism. The combination creates very sharp and vivid photos that capture an honest and accurate depiction of the event as it happened. You’ll be surprised what comes naturally when you cut down on the forced posing and intimidating lighting set ups.

Most frequently Southern Maine, but Central Maine, New Hampshire, and even Massachusetts have all been spots I’ve covered in the past.


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