It’s really about the full story

My enthusiasm for photography is a product of a love affair between my passion for technology and, some would say, a chronic case of nostalgia.

The ambition that drove my coursework in general photography, photojournalism, and digital post-processing, was wrapping myself up in the technical ins and outs of the creation of a digital photo. Then, in turn, applying that knowledge to preserve an authentic moment and its story forever.

Having gotten my start by doing photos for the newspaper, event photography, and then a contract with a popular local nightclub throughout college, I feel my style can be summed up as sincere, genuine, and above all, honest.

It’s that experience that I used in my coverage of weddings after I finished graduate school, and getting accepted into and winning awards from, the Wedding Photojournalists Association. Under my belt is 7 years’ worth of “Wedding Wire Couples Choice Awards“, a “Best of Weddings Award” from The Knot, and a “Best of Zola” award from Zola.

Additionally, in print, my work has been featured in BDN’s “Bangor Metro Magazine and in multiple issues of “Real Maine Weddings” magazine.  

For weddings, it is a more intimate experience to be the one fortunate enough to spend quality time getting to know a couple during an engagement shoot. To then share the overwhelming day of the ceremony with you, and then to be one who processes the photos, and putting together the album. I’ve made a lot of friends this way, and that’s honestly how I view the folks who I am lucky enough to get to work with.

Moreover, as a husband and as a father, I am growing as a person every day to be the best I can be – and the photos that I take along the way have only improved as well.